Changes on the Horizon

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There could be many changes on the horizon for our industry following the recently published Draft of The Building Safety Bill. We wanted to highlight some of the key areas.

  1. A new, more stringent set of rules that will apply for buildings of 18 metres or more or taller than six storeys from the design phase to occupation.

This will be overseen by a Building Safety Regulator, which is already being set up within the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). They will be fully established and equipped with the power to hold building owners to account or face the consequences. 

The regulator will have 3 main functions: to oversee the safety and standard of all buildings, directly assure the safety of higher-risk buildings; and improve the competence of people responsible for managing and overseeing building work.   

  1. More transparency and power for residents

Residents and leaseholders will have access to vital safety information about their building and new complaints handling requirements will be introduced to make sure effective action is taken where concerns are raised. These concerns will be actioned by the new building safety regulator.

New build homebuyers will have their right to complain to a New Homes Ombudsman, protected in legislation, and developers will be required to be a member of the scheme. The New Homes Ombudsman will hold developers to account, including the ability to require developers to pay compensation.

  1. The launch of the Fire Safety Consultation

The government also published a consultation which sets out proposals to implement the recommendations from Phase One of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry that require a change in the law.

 The consultation will also look at strengthening fire safety in all regulated buildings in England to ensure that people are safe from fire regardless of where they live, stay or work. Taken with the draft Bill, these measures will improve the safety of residents in buildings of all heights.

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