Government guidance on timber fire doors

The UK Government has recently published consulted Government Guidance on timber fire doors following a programme of testing following the tragic events of the Grenfell Fire.

"Our investigations into timber fire doors which began in October 2018 and has recently been concluded has found no issues with consistency of fire resistance performance of doors tested."

Halspan supply a number Door Manufacturers who took part in the testing process.  A link to this information is below.

Halspan fully endorse the Inward Testing of Fire Doors and application of third-party product certification processes to provide independent assurance of consistency of fire door performances.  Having suppled high performance door blanks and cores into the UK market for over 20 years, it is reassuring that time held practises and the performance of and abundance of well tested and consistent products has been vindicated.  

Fire-Brochure  Download our Fire Brochure here.


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