Halspan a name you can trust

Having Halspan at the core of a fire door has been an assurance of quality and integrity for more than 20 years.

Since then we’ve spent literally millions of pounds on testing - including all-important mechanical and durability

tests - and are committed to a rigorous and ongoing programme of third-party certification, designed to ensure

that our products continue to meet the changing demands of regulatory bodies worldwide.

Independent reports and third-party assessments from approved bodies, including Elements BM Trada,

Warrington Fire Certifire, IFC Certification, Intertek and CCS Plus, confirm the integrity of Halspan’s fire door

blanks and cores, seals and hardware, in a variety of combinations, to:

• BS & BS EN: 30-120 minute ratings

• UL 10c: 20-90 minute ratings.We at Halspan are committed to continuous testing to maintain the safety of our products

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Here we have a few photographs of recent fire tests we have conducted

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Accreditation Hub

Welcome to the Halspan accreditation hub. This is where you will find all of the technical information and permission letters you require for your auditing 3rd party certifiers. All you need to gain access is your certificate number for the relevant scheme.

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