Halspan responds to COVID-19

Our employees, partners and customers, extend around the world, and as a supplier of high-performance fire and non-fire rated door components, we are carefully monitoring the impact of the global outbreak of COVID-19.

We have implemented several actions to help prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of our employees and partners, and to protect our supply chain.

These safety measures are in line with guidelines issued by the U.K. Government, the World Health Organization (WHO), and local authorities where we operate. They include re-emphasising good hygiene practices, restrictions on employee travel, and, where possible, employing remote-working strategies.

Additionally, we now require all visitors to complete a health risk statement prior to entering our premises.

We have surveyed our supply chain and have not identified any significant risk, delay, or concern that may have a substantial effect on delivery of our particle board blanks, mineral cores or our range of essential hardware or seals. Our solid timber cores sourced from China have experienced delays in manufacture and shipping due to operational pollution restrictions on our supply mills during January, followed by the Chinese New Year and then compounded by the coronavirus outbreak. Our solid timber core mills are now fully operational, and we are working logistically to minimise the impact on supply of products. Customers affected by these delays will be contacted directly with ongoing updates.   A dedicated working group and specific procedures have been implemented to ensure that we minimise and manage any future disruption to our ongoing operations for the continued supply of products, and services.

Although it has been announced that borders are closed, this currently does not apply to freight therefore we don’t foresee any issues/disruptions to our FCL/LCL shipments.

Airfreight will be more difficult due to passenger flights being cancelled, therefore cargo only flights will be stretched to capacity.

We will notify our partners should we see any impact on general supply.

Customers who may have specific questions about our products or services, or anyone requiring additional information regarding a potential or planned visit to a Halspan facility should contact their usual Halspan contact or any customer service representative.


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