New Door Blank & Cores Range Brochure

We are pleased to present our new door blanks & cores brochure. The new brochure contains technical product information for our full range of 3-layer particle board, solid timber and mineral door blanks and cores.

Our new data sheets are now colour-coded by product category using our distinct triangular layer device. They also have a key down the left-hand side of each page displaying topic icons for ease of navigation to the information you need.

Having Halspan at the core of a fire or non-fire rated door is a sign of quality and assurance.

Halspan to the core and more…

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Accreditation Hub

Welcome to the Halspan accreditation hub. This is where you will find all of the technical information and permission letters you require for your auditing 3rd party certifiers. All you need to gain access is your certificate number for the relevant scheme.

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