Door assemblies must be robust enough to withstand daily use. Otherwise, they won’t keep you safe or comfortable, protect you from smoke or noise, or save your life in the event of a fire.

Unless a door assembly or doorset is robust enough to withstand daily use, it won’t keep you safe, block out noise or cold, or save your life in the event of a fire.
Halspan doorsets are tested to DD 171, EN 1192, EN 947, EN 949 and EN 950 standards for:
•    vertical load
•    static torsion
•    soft, hard and heavy body impact
•    slamming shut and open
•    closure against obstruction
•    resistance to jarring and vibration
•    abusive force on handles
•    operating forces
•    cycling – as an indication of anticipated service life.
To test Halspan’s durability, over one million cycles were completed on a 54mm thick Halspan door fitted into a softwood frame using standard hardware. After 10 months’ continuous opening and closing, the door assembly showed no sign of fatigue. Tested to BS EN 1191 (with classification according to BS EN 12400).
Judged on how they perform in tests, door assemblies are awarded one of four classifications, ranging from Light, Medium or Heavy to Severe Duty. In independent tests, Halspan’s entire range achieved SEVERE DUTY – the highest grading possible in the British Standard of Mechanical Tests for ‘hinged or pivoted doors’.

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