Third-party fire door certification helps to reduce the terrible human and economic costs of fire.

Tests are conducted by approved bodies, which include Elements BM Trada, Warrington Fire Certifire, IFC Certification, Intertek and CCS Plus, and all follow the same basic principles.

During testing, positive pressure in the upper part of a furnace forces hot gases through gaps and joints in a door assembly, such as those between the door leaf and frame. It’s these hot gases that invariably cause integrity failure.

Only a very high standard of both design and specification, right down to the type of seals and intumescent materials used, will pass the rigorous standards of these tests.

Independent reports and third-party assessments from approved bodies confirm the integrity of Halspan’s fire door blanks and cores, seals and hardware to:

  • BS & BS EN: 30-120 minute fire ratings
  • UL 10c: 20-90 minute fire ratings.

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